Rebecca Travis is a full-time author, musician, ink slinger, mother, and ice cream lover. She currently contributes to the political publication Liberal America, the entertainment publication Best Stuff Online, and offers her services as a main author at Hot Ghostwriter.

A native of North Carolina, Rebecca graduated with her B.M. in Church Music in 2011 with concentrations in vocal performance and conducting from Campbell University. While performing with her traveling choir, she filled her electives with creative writing and English courses, where she found her passion for expressing herself via written word.

She took to keeping an online journal: composing short stories, experimenting with poetry, and began writing multi-chapter stories to experiment with original characters. She published her first book, Behind The Strong One’s Eyes, in December 2016, and is currently working on an autobiography centered around how to survive a life of constant indecisiveness and change.

Rebecca found her passion for ghostwriting in January 2017, where she began pursuing opportunities to provide those that cannot organize their thoughts with articulate, cohesive books that educate, brand, and entertain. Her thorough research practices combined with fluid, passionate tones provide those who have something to say with a product that can say it.

If you are looking for a guest writer, co-author, ghost author, ear to listen, or professional ice cream slurper, feel free to contact her below.

Portfolio Highlights

Sessions Reverses Civil Rights – Gives Law Enforcement Official Permission To Resume Racially Biased Profiling

It really is a scene from a movie.

Watch Louis CK Finally Explain Trump’s Level Of Lying In A Way We Can All Understand (VIDEO)

It's so simple, yet so poetic.

Trump Heading To Mar-A-Lago For A Christian Holiday He Cannot Recall (TWEETS)

I suppose every born-again Christian forgets Easter every once in a while.

The ACTUAL Reason Behind Republicans’ Disdain Of Birth Control (VIDEO)

Things are never as they seem.

7 Pictures That Prove Smaller Really Is Better (In Homes, That Is)

In a day and age where wealth is determined by how big your life is, small is not only refreshing, but welcomed.

Hobbr Self Defense Keychain

Our lives are a whirlwind of ups and downs, and in a world where our news is filled with the crime of the day, it’s no wonder that people pay ...

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  • Expert in intensive research
  • Constant collaboration with client
  • Expert in electronic and paper-based formats
  • Impeccable editing and organizational skills
  • Prompt and guided by deadlines


  • WordPress expertise
  • Impeccable editing and formatting skills
  • Expert communication in pitching material for articles
  • Expertise in copyediting

Creative Writer

  • Multiple stories published on Amazon
  • Impeccable editing and formatting skills
  • Expert in creating original characters and forwarding plot development
  • Experience in Romance and Crime/Drama Genres


  • SEO Optimization knowledge
  • Strategic marketing experience
  • Constant communication and collaboration with client
  • Copyediting skills, when necessary