You Are Not Parenting Right

Just cope with that diagnosis now. You are not doing this correctly.

At all.

In the eyes of someone on this planet, everything you are doing to raise your child is absolutely reprehensible.

In France, for instance, a more hands-off approach is taken with the rearing of children. They manage to be a little more detached from their offspring and are stricter when it comes to their manners. You will rarely ever see a mother in France following her child along the playground, nor will you hear a mother in France constantly commenting on something their child is doing.

In China, elders play a much larger role in the parenting of children. It is not unusual to see grandparents living with their sons and daughters who have had children, and it is not uncommon for children to have anywhere between two and four extra parental figures they seek advice and wisdom from. Babysitters are rarely used, and the term we use for “helicopter parenting” is the way they view normal parenting. They believe, as a culture, that being actively involved in their children’s day-to-day lives is vital to raising them.

Then, there are different parenting customs. In America, a vaccine schedule of some sort is a hot topic of conversation, and it is almost unheard of to not celebrate the first birthday of a child bombastically. Even still is the notion that a child has to be sleeping on their own by six months old. Other countries have different expectations and beliefs as well, and because of the culture you have grown up in, you are probably going to find them weird and a bit petrifying.

For example, an infant in Bali cannot set their feet on the ground until they are three months. Why? Because it is a widespread belief that a newborn’s impurity can be defiled with any prior contact with the unclean ground. Then, when the infant turns three months old, there is an active celebration where friends and family gather around to witness the first step of the infant onto the ground with their bare feet.

Another example: In Sweden, children are seen as equals to adults. This means they participate regularly in family discussions and decisions, and are actively encouraged to voice their opinions and independent emotions over any scenario that pops up within the family fold.

Sound odd to you? Well, don’t worry, because you aren’t alone. Plenty of people find the way you parent weird, too.

All of these beliefs and parenting tactics are fully rooted not only in one’s culture, but what people feel is correct. Whether the reason is that they were raised that way, or whether it’s because they have performed massive amounts of smartphone research and asked advice on forums, everyone feels their way of parenting is correct.

By the way? Many cultures would find the mere idea of asking friends for parenting advice appalling.

Another strange American parenting custom to other countries is if you place your child in a separate room to sleep.

Yet another one is if you choose to feed your child whenever they are hungry.

Many tactics in American parenting strategies raise eyebrows across the world and are considered strange and awkward in other countries, just as things they do to raise their children are considered strange and awkward by us.

There are even common foreign parenting practices that many people in the United States would consider child abuse! For instance, in Copenhagen, it is considered a normal practice to leave a child strapped in their stroller outside of a restaurant as the parents grab a quick bite to eat. Another one? Vietnamese mothers teach their children to pee on command while being held over a toilet, and before the age of one most infants are finished with diapers altogether.

Want another one that is sure to give an American mother a heart attack?

Parents in Croatia give their children alcohol on average of twice a week.

Horrified yet?

Don’t worry, something you’re doing with your child is horrifying to another country.

Don’t worry, something you’re doing to parent your child is wrong to someone somewhere.

In some country on this planet, you are parenting your child completely wrong.

But, if you are parenting well, then you will be just fine.

And there is a very stark difference.

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