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When Clara Robbins' son gets back from his high school graduation beach trip, he asks her a question that catapults her back into her past, bringing with it memories of laughter, ignorance, and tears that will leave her son wondering why not being happy can sometimes be exactly what someone needs.

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Imaginative Love Image

Imaginative Love

When a life-reeling change leaves a woman to fend for herself, her mind slowly begins to take over to try and fill the holes left behind from her past.

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He Only Saw Her Shadow Image

He Only Saw Her Shadow

When a man chooses to believe in reality over fairy tales, sometimes the only thanks he gets is one that seeps into the shadows.

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A Sunset Through Her Eyes Image

A Sunset Through Her Eyes

When a woman sips her coffee as she watches the sunset, she becomes aware of the butchered metaphor she thought ran her life.

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