A Sunset Through Her Eyes

As she wrapped her hands around her coffee mug and inhaled the refreshing scent of percolated courage, she opens her eyes to survey the world around her. Wrapped in the comfort of her mother’s puffy quilt, she slowly rocks back in her porch rocker as the colors begin to streak across the sky.

It had been an agonizing 15 years. The recklessness of a teenager, the confusion of a college kid. The whirlwind romance with a fleeting soldier that bloomed within a happy wedding and slowly wilted within the rotting confines of a relationship.

But, even a dying flower can still give birth.

Now, her newly-graduated child was getting settled into college, facing the same trials and tribulations she once knew. He would walk the same roads she had once navigated and he would make some of the same mistakes she once did to find who she was, where she was going, and what she was about.

19-year old her would never have expected she would wind up here.

Breathing in the churning nighttime air, bold oranges and purples begin to streak across the sky. They illuminated the clouds in a fiery pink and dripped forth onto the horizon the colors of a dying day as the woman sips her coffee and cherishes the budding nighttime sky.

She never enjoyed the sunset, nor did she enjoy the dark.

What she did enjoy, however, was the emerging of the stars, so powerful in their energy and so piercing in their sight.

Their bubbling chemical reactions could be seen for millions of miles, resulting in thousands of twinkling stars as the ceremonious dripping of the colors becomes swallowed up amongst the dark.

The black.

The empty.

It had become the metaphor for her life: colors that flared, ran, and eventually faded, swallowed up by a darkness that always blanketed itself in the dying embers of the colors she attempted to throw onto the canvas of her life.

No matter how hard she tried to stop it, the darkness always came.

No matter how hard she struggled against it, the change always occurred.

But as she sips her lukewarm mug of coffee and wraps herself in her mother’s puffed-up quilt, she smiles as the stars begin to burst forth, twinkling their dainty lights as their massive energy output begins to reign down upon the visions of the Earth below.

In fixating on the darkness, she forgot about the stars.

In fixating on the bad, she forgot how bright her good shown.

And the bleakness of night that was the metaphor for her life turned its attention towards the stars, for their strength and power burned an endless flame seen for millions and millions of miles.

Just like the strength that had churned her through the past 15 years.

Just like the strength that would churn until she died.

And she breathed a sigh of relief as the crickets began to chirp.

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