5 Elegant Cooler Tables

Coolers are essential at every picnic and outdoor grilling party. They can house food, keep drinks cool, and even store ice. But, they are bulky items with a singular purpose and take up way too much room.

Plus, no standard cooler is ever appealing to the eye. But, what if I told you that there were coolers that were not only multi-purposed, but designed for aesthetics? Don’t sacrifice appeal for function when you have options like the following products.

1. Keter Coolbar

elegant cool box table combo

With coolers that are bulky and unappealing to the eye, this modern take on a drink cooler is a nice change of pace. With a sleek design that is made for insulating both hot and cold items, this transformable table is ideal for any indoor or outdoor get-together. Simply raise the top, fill it with whatever you heart desires, and let the design do the rest! Perfect for your outdoor patio, your indoor office, or your living room storage.

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2. Bar-style outdoor patio cooler and table

What’s more relaxing than an outdoor drink with friends? Not having to go back inside when everyone needs a top-off. This cooler table has a top that raises up, creating the perfect resting place for drinks while revealing a stow-away for extras. It rests as an outdoor coffee table, and transforms into a cooler with just the raise of the top. Simply add ice and drinks and enjoy your poolside or patio like never before.

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3. Rolling party cooler

This cooler not only provides a lifting table top and the ability to store drinks and food, it rolls for portability as well as provides an extra seat. The durable and eco-friendly material is strong enough to hold someone if they sit, and sturdy enough to stay stable if you utilize the top for sitting down drinks. It’s not just a cooler, it’s a table and a chair. Multi-purpose has never been so convenient and minimalistic.

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4. Rolling Picnic Table Cooler

This cooler has it all: portability, ample storage space, two sitting chairs, and pull-out sides that serve as tables. This design is compact enough for any small vehicle and packs enough space for a full-size picnic. The side tables come equipped with cup holders so as to reduce accidents, and it can easily be folded out, and packed up, within minutes.

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5. Bells Side Table

stylish side tables with ice bucket cooler

This fluid design would have you fooled if someone ever told you it was a cooler. The sturdy wooden top and weather-proofed wicker design serves as a stylish outdoor table and, when the top is removed, boasts of a cooler that you can fill with ice and drinks. When finished? Simply remove the ice bucket from the nestled cavern, pour it out, and put back before replacing the top. Stylish, easy to use, and multi-purpose.

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(All images courtesy of Hobbr)

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