Hobbr Self Defense Keychain

Our lives are a whirlwind of ups and downs, and in a world where our news is filled with the crime of the day, it’s no wonder that people pay good money to feel safe.

From investing in security systems to taking self-defense classes, people want to feel they can protect themselves.

And it makes sense, because out of the 63% of people who will be attacked at least once in their lifetime, over half of those people will experience more than one encounter where self-defense is necessary.

Let Yoogo help keep you safe.

Disguised as an ordinary keychain in any other circumstance, this solid, polymer-blend boomerang is an inconspicuous self-defense weapon.

Since it requires at least some experience and confidence with throwing punches and strikes, this may not be the best self defense item for those with no experience with martial arts.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t easily learn.

See how it works in this short Yoogo tutorial.

Simply slip the nubs through your fingers, grip it tight, and get to swinging. With this self-defense keychain, you can punch, hook, slash, or stab your assailant while guaranteeing the slip-resistant material will make sure it stays safely in your hand.

In a world where it is better to be prepared than caught off-guard, let Yoogo provide you with personal protection.

Yoogo can serve as a way to keep your keys in one place, and then it can serve as a way to potentially save your life.


(Featured image courtesy of Hobbr)

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