Sessions Reverses Civil Rights – Gives Law Enforcement Official Permission To Resume Racially Biased Profiling

It really is a scene from a movie.

Watch Louis CK Finally Explain Trump’s Level Of Lying In A Way We Can All Understand (VIDEO)

It's so simple, yet so poetic.

Trump Heading To Mar-A-Lago For A Christian Holiday He Cannot Recall (TWEETS)

I suppose every born-again Christian forgets Easter every once in a while.

Trump Hides From Cameras – Did His Staff Finally Tape His Mouth Shut? (TWEET/VIDEO)

And now he goes silent! Convenient.

Barack Obama: From President To Rock Star (TWEETS)

American just wants its boyfriend back!

Trump Inspires A New Generation Of Women – Opposing Him (IMAGES)

At least his presidency is bringing about some good.

The ACTUAL Reason Behind Republicans’ Disdain Of Birth Control (VIDEO)

Things are never as they seem.

A Breakdown Of Expenses, And Lots Of Golf (TWEETS, PHOTOS)

Hypocrisy born from ignorance is still hypocrisy. And expensive.

(Not My) President’s Day Marches Scouring The Nation (TWEETS)

Supporting women, especially during these current times, doesn't require marching. You can support them even though you're working.

Trump’s Idea Of A ‘Finely-Tuned Machine’ Is Breaking Down Bigly (TWEETS)

America's final season is getting very interesting.

10 Ways To Support The Women’s Strike If You Have To Work

You don't have to march to show your support.

5 Private Islands You Can Buy Right Now!

Now, who has $2 million I can borrow?

5 Of The Most WTF Images You’ll Ever See

It challenges everything you've ever known!

5 Dogs At Dog Shows Who Don’t Understand How They Work

It's alright, we don't really understand them either.

7 Pictures That Prove Smaller Really Is Better (In Homes, That Is)

In a day and age where wealth is determined by how big your life is, small is not only refreshing, but welcomed.

7 Weird Secret Societies For Men

Hold onto your hats, guys, because it's about to get awkward.

This Is The Best Beach In The World — No, Really

Time to pack your bags and steal away in the next lavatory headed to Mexico.


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